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My Story

Hi! I'm Elisabet Hyland, the founder of The Blissful Bump, an online retailer that provides stylish and helpful products for life with babies and toddlers, which are available through Amazon. My goal is to make life easier for parents with young children.

Having worked as a nurse and being a mom myself, I understand the daily challenges of caring for babies and energetic toddlers. It often requires all our superhero abilities to manage the chaos. That is why having the essentials to make life manageable is so important.

To simplify the lives of busy moms, I have launched a line of baby products, starting with The Blissful Bump Diaper Caddy. I’m constantly searching for the latest and most practical products for new families to offer my loyal customers. I’ve been there. I hear you. And The Blissful Bump and I are there for you.

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